Monday, June 24, 2013

Forgetfulness and Committments

Last month my knees hurt. They felt like shattering glass when I try to crawl across my hardwood floors.  A stretching tendon pulls like a fresh rubber band when I uncross my legs. Bone and cartilage scrape against each other when I climb stairs, and I was over it. I committed to doing "30 Days of Squats" to help, and the first week was great. It was a lot of squats 50, 70 120 a day. I was squatting in the bathroom, while I put on make up, I'd squat at my desk. My knees got stronger, I could feel muscles in my thighs and butt, and then I stopped. I forgot about squats. It was unconscious. I didn't remember until I logged in here to make a new post about changing jobs and changing attitudes, and I realized a few things:

 I've never worked hard, sacrificed for anything. Things have always come easy to me, and if they didn't, I found something else to do that took less effort. I reasoned to myself that following your destiny was easy, and therefore I was always doing the right thing because it was the easiest thing to do. Ha! Right! What the hell was I thinking. Writing, reading, photography, learning is all work, and somethings are harder to learn than others. I'm learning this now with photography and losing weight. I need to pay attention and give a real effort. It won't kill me.

So I'm starting a new job next Monday. I go in an hour later. I am committing myself to the following:

-30 minutes at home of yoga, or some type of exercise and in return a good 15 minutes to myself with coffee in the morning.
-30 minutes of walking on my lunch breaks
-Smaller dinners

I truly believe changing those things will create a huge difference in my life. I also commit to checking in here weekly. 

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  1. And i commit to holding you accountable to these things.. xo